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Last updated: 11/29/2012
Added on: 6/11/2010

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Contact Information

Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, CSBA, PMP
901 E Van Buren St. #2039
Apt. 2039
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Work Status


Work Experience

August 2012
November 2012


Lilia Alverez for County Supervisor, Part-Time
July 2012
August 2012


Ruben Gallego for LD-27, Part-Time
August 2006

Volunteer Public Policy Analyst

USGBC Arizona Chapter, Seasonal/Temp
January 2003

Elected Precinct Committee Person

Arizona Democratic Party, Part-Time
May 2005

Volunteer Campaign Consultant

Maricopa County Democratic Party, Seasonal/Temp
March 1997

Volunteer Education Program Developer

American Institute of Architects, Contractor
May 2004
November 2010

Contract Canvasser

Arizona Democratic Party, Contractor
June 2010
July 2010

NRFU Enumerator

US Census Bureau, Seasonal/Temp
March 2003
November 2004

Contract Canvasser

Pima County Democratic Party, Seasonal/Temp
October 2004
November 2004

Election Volunteer Coordinator, Seasonal/Temp
August 2004
October 2004


America Coming Together, Part-Time
December 2003
February 2004

Deputy Southern Arizona Campaign Coordinator

Dean for America, Full-Time

Salary Information

Company Unknown

$12.00 per hourly


August 2011

Phoenix College

Vocational in Sustainability and Revit
February 2011

Training To You

Vocational in Project Management
May 1996

Washington University in St Louis

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (BArch, BA/BS, MArch, MA/MS, PhD)


United States – California – Los Angeles
United States – Minnesota – Minneapolis
United States – Colorado – Denver
United States – Missouri – St. Louis
United States – Louisiana – New Orleans

Government & Military

Security Clearance


Resume Attachment

Peter Newton, Assoc AIA, CSBA

901 E Van Buren St., #2039

Phoenix, AZ 85006


I am seeking campaigns that are interested in creating a thriving, sustainable, cooperative nation by engaging citizens to participate in active leadership roles to influence positive community change.

Work Experience

Maricopa County Democratic Party, 2005-Present

  • Volunteer Field Organizer, Voter Registration in LD-16 and on First Friday, 2011-12
  • Volunteer Organizer, Democracy for America Maricopa County
  • Volunteer Phone Banker and Canvasser, Organizing for America Health Care (LD-16)

Arizona Democratic Party, 2003-Present

  • Paid Canvasser, Arizona Coordinated Campaign, Get Out The Vote and Congressional District 3 Voter Registration Drive, 2010, and volunteer 2004-2012
  • Paid Field Coordinator, Legislative District 5, 2004
  • Assisted in the Organization of the African-American Caucus, Environmental Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, Progressive Caucus and White Mountain Democratic Club
  • Elected Precinct Committeeman and State Committee Member, LD 16, 2007-present, and LD 30, 2003-2006
  • Arizona Democrat Council, Member, 2006-2009

US Census Bureau, NRFU Enumerator, 2010

  • Located listed addresses in the Assignment Area.
  • Conducted interviews to determine the status of each address on Census Day.
  • Recorded the information provided by the respondent.

Pima County Democratic Party, 2004-2005

  • Joined and planned events for the Nucleus Club, Saguaro Eastside Democrats, and Democrats of the Santa Rita Area
  • Appointed to Precinct Committeeman (PC) Recruitment Chair, Platform Committee, PC Training Handbook Committee and Speakers Bureau
  • Canvassed and Drove on election day for Pima County Coordinated Campaign
  • Hosted and Organized the DNC, Democrats, and Kerry Edwards Meetups
  • Joined Democrats of Greater Tucson, and was elected Board Member at Large

Allied Democrat Organizations and PACs, 2004-2008

  • Participated in the organizing of the Progressive Democrats of America
  • Paid Canvasser for America Coming Together, Tucson, Arizona
  • Coordinated’s 2004 Election Week Volunteers, Tucson, Arizona
  • Field Organized and Planned the Latinos for America Tucson Campaign Training Program
  • Designed the invitation and filmed the Rep. Barney Frank Fundraiser for Tucson Latina Action

Dean for America, 2003-2004

  • Hired as Deputy Southern Arizona Director, Tucson, Arizona
  • Co-coordinated Tucson Coordinating Committee efforts in Arizona Legislative District 30
  • Coordinated Rallies, Meetups, Southwest Victory Express and Zephyr Teach Out events.
  • Coordinated campaign canvases, phone banks, events and Primary Day efforts.
  • Organized buses to rallies and coordinated campaign staff and volunteers en route to Arizona.

Primary Campaign Volunteer

  • $5.15 Isn’t Working, Steering Committee Member
  • Clark for Arizona Corporation Commission, Southern Arizona Campaign Consultant
  • Goddard for Governor, Organizers of Architects for Goddard Organizer
  • Jeff Chimene for United States House of Representatives, Campaign Consultant
  • Ken Clark for Arizona Senate (LD-15), Canvasser
  • Manoil for Arizona Corporation Commission, Consultant
  • Marty Represents You, Martin Drozdoff for Arizona LD-26, Paid Canvasser
  • Paine for Congress, Organizer
  • Ruben Gallego for Arizona (LD-16), Driver, Consultant and Canvasser
  • Sharif for LD-30, Organizer
  • Stanton for Mayor, Volunteer Canvasser and Fundraising coordinator for AIA Phoenix Metro
  • Stuart Starkey For United States Senate, Southern Arizona Campaign Consultant
  • Tom Volgy for Mayor Campaign, Canvasser
  • Trinity for Chandler, Volunteer
  • Tucson Link, Petition Gatherer and Campaigner
  • Woods for Tempe, Supporter
  • Pastor for Congress, Canvasser
  • Coordinated an Arizona media swing for the Concord Coalition

Professional Organizations

Young Democrats of America

  • Young Democrats of Arizona, Member + Organizer, 2003-2008
  • Attended YDAz Conferences 2004-2008
  • Attended YDA meeting in Anaheim, Ca

American Institute of Architects

  • AIA Arizona and Phoenix Metro ArchiPAC, Organizer and Event Coordinator, 2006-Present
  • Government and Community Affairs Committee, Coordinator, 2012, AIA Phoenix Metro
  • Intern Associate Committee, AIA Houston and AIA New Orleans
  • Sustainable Housing Prototype for Habitat for Humanity and LEED Houston Series, Committee on the Environment, AIA Houston, Developer
  • “Reviving the City’s Faded Heart” Charette and Historic Neighborhood Tours, AIA St. Louis

US Green Building Council

  • Sierra Club, Cool Cities Initiative, USGBC Organizer, 2009-Present
  • Legislative Liaison, Arizona Chapter Advocacy Committee, 2006-present, Vice-Chair Central Branch Advocacy Committee, 2008-10, and National Advocacy Committee, Participant, 2006-present
  • Arizona Chapter Central Branch Governing Council, 2010-present
  • The Green Chamber, Policy Committee Adjunct Member, 2009-Present

Urban Activism

  • Old North St. Louis Housing Re-Hab and Charette, Olive-Lindell Bath Path Corridor, City Development Tours and The Lot, Living Environments Committee, Metropolis St. Louis
  • St. Louis 2004 Forum Participant
  • Downtown Now! , Discussion Team Leader
  • Get Your PHX
  • Radiate Phoenix


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