New box from the Library.

Metropolis, May 2009, Pinning Our Hopes on the Wind

The Architectural Review, April 2009, 1349

National Parks, Summer 2009, Touching the Four Corners

The Plan, 027

The Plan, 028

Metropolis, September 2007, Design Wanderlust

Metropolis, January 2006, Stage Craft

Metropolis, November 2005, Reinventing the Global Office

Metropolis, January 2008, Green Specimens

Rolling Stone, November 2006, America’s Anchors

Metropolis, April 2006, 1981 – 2006 Special 25th Anniversary Issue

Metropolis, March 2006, Will it Play in Paris?

Metropolis, June 2006, Will Yves Behar

Metropolis, February 2007, Hypothesis: Design Can Architecture Inspire Great Science?

Rolling Stone, The Fortieth Anniversary

Metropolis, August/September 2005, Good Shepherd

Metropolis, January 2009, Art Meets Science

Metropolis, December 2009, Form Follows Performance

Metropolis, February 2009, Can Design Help Kids Learn?

Metropolis, September, The Living Museum

Metropolis, November 2008, Eero Saarinen

Metropolis, April 2008, The Art of the Kitchen with Alice Waters

Metropolis, October 2008, The Rise of the Citizen Architect

Metropolis, October 2002, Ideo’s Design Cure

Metropolis, March 2009, What is Good Design Now?

Metropolis, October 2007, The Green Leap Forward

Metropolis, March 2008, Local Flavor

Metropolis, December 2006, Bursting out of the Box

Metropolis, May 2005, Hand Made Modern

Metropolis, November 2006, Philip Johnson’s Legacy

Metropolis, November 2007, Dubai Rising

Metropolis, May 2007, Pure

Metropolis, October 2005, Eero Dynamic Design

Metropolis, February 2006, Norman Foster’s Greenest Building Ever

Metropolis, February 2005, Light Touch

Houses, Issue 56, Urban Lanterns, Suburban Sanctuaries

Segd Design, 2006, no 14

Houses, Issue 46, Dynamic Designs

Aiwa XR-M150 Operating Instructions

Houses, Issue 54, Amazing Adaptations

My House in the mountain states, Nov/Dec 2005, Great Western Looks From Country to Modern

Archi*Tech, September 2007

Mesh, Contemporary Museum of St. Louis Magazine, Fall/Winter 2007-2008

Natural Home & Garden, March/April 2005, 5 Outdoor Spaces

Phoenix Metropolitan, Summer Issue, Constructing Downtown

Phoenix Metropolitan, Premiere Issue, Rise

Fabric Architecture, May/June 2006, The Residential Mind

Landscape Architecture

Metalmag, September 2007, Metal’s Academic Pursuit

The Construction Specifier, September 2007, Tackling Travertine Repair

Eco-Structure, September 2007, Do Sustainable Schools Aid Learning?

Texas Architect, May/June 2006, Nature

California Home + Design, June 2006, State of the Art

West Architectural, May/June 2006

My House in the Mountain States, Jan/Feb 2006, The Best of the West from the Mountains to the City

Builder News, November 2006, Big-Boxes or the Local Lumberyard?

Contact Magazine, Summer 2006, Design Issue

Dwell, Feb/March 2006, Modern on the Inside-Traditional on the Outside

Tucson Home, Fall 2006, Paradise in Patagonia

Atomic Ranch, Spring 2007

AIA Convention, 2006, Architecture on the Edge

Archi*Tech, September/October 2006

Archi*Tech, January/February 2008

Archi*Tech, May/June 2007

Tucson Home, Fall 2007, Expanded Gardening Section

Glass Magazine, February 2008, Sharp View

Eco-Structure, March 2007, High-Performance Hospitality


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