Library entries from the room in Tucson.

Architecture Minnesota, September-October 2002, Renewed Interiors

Architecture, June 2002, Kaffee und Klimt

Inform, 2002

Carolinas Architecture, AIA National Convention 2002

Architecture, November 1997, KPF Charts a New Course

New Orleans Magazine, June 2000, The Lights are Brighter Downtown!

I.D., May 2003, Buildings on the Move:

Dwell, October 2003, A World of Great Design

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Summer 2003, 150 years

Earth Island Journal, Autumn 2003, The Oil Age:

Mother Jones, September + October 2003, The UnGreening of America

News, July August September 2003, Des Moines Art Center

Nathan Emory Coffin Collection

 Arizona Highways, June 2002, Exploring an Ancient Civilization High Above Sedona

Utne, April 2004, Election 2004 Free Beer!

Design Matters

US New & World Report, June 30 – July 7, 2003, Builders of Dreams

Emmet Gowin, Changing the Earth

No Depression, January-February 2003, Alison Krauss + Union Station

Washington University Magazine and Alumni News, Fall 1998

Washington University Magazine and Alumni News, Winter 1999

Architectural Record, 12 | 2002, Design Vanguard 2002

Architecture Minnesota, July – August 2003, Dining with Design

National Geographic, April 2004, Chasing Tornadoes

Washington University Magazine and Alumni News, Fall 1999

Texas Architect, January/February 2003, Education

The Architectural Review, November 2002, American Frontiers

The Architectural Review, August 2004, Material Benefits

Metropolis, August/September 2003, Design School Dilemma

Natural Home, November/December 2003

Architecture, May 2003, Ada Karmi-Melamede

Metropolis, December 2002, VW’s Big Bet

Metropolis, June 2002, Illuminating Images

Architecture, January 2004, 51st Annual P/A Awards

Architectural Record, 02|2004, Harbor Light

Metropolis, February 2004, WWMD?

Metropolis, January 2004, How Will We Live in 2010?

Architecture, October 2002, School Days

Architectural Record, 09|2002, Interiors

Urban Wilds:

Texas Architect, March/April 2003

Architectural Record, 10|2002, Small, Medium, Large

Metropolis, October 2003, Architects Pollute

Places, Winter 1997, Elements of Sociability

Metropolis, November 2002, Break out of the Cube

Texas Architect, 7/8 2001, Color

Texas Architect, ¾ 2002, Architects + Artists

The Architectural Review, June 2004, Building for the Arts

Natural Home, May/June 2004, Sheltering Walls

American Artist, December 1993, New Paintings From Gallery & Museum Shows

The Architectural Review, May 2004, Office Lives

Southwest Art, March 2005, Symbols of the West

DWR, Profile, No. 1

AIA Perspective, March/April 2003

Architecture, March 2003, Three Museums

The Architectural Review, October 2003, Building for Authority

The Architectural Review, May 2003, Entertainment

Texas Architect, 11/12 , Urban Design

Architectural Record, Design Portfolio, 1/ 1994

P|A, Progressive Architecture, 10|90

Architectural Record, 5/1994

Architectural Record, 3/1996

Residential Architect, May 2003, Design Awards 2003

Progressive Architecture, October 1989, Special Issue

Architectural Record, 05|2003, AIA Honor Awards

P|A, 11|90, Houses and Construction

Architecture, December 2002, Building Tall Reconsidered

Architecture Boston, January/Februrary 2003, 2002: The Year in Review

Environmental Design + Construction, May|2003, First Annual Excellence in Design Awards

Modern Steel Construction, May 2003

Architectural Record, 08|2003, To The WTC Team:

Dwell, December 2002, Living in Motion

Architecture Minnestoa, September-October 2003, Reinvented Interiors

Dwell, June 2003, Furniture Fetish

Fabric Architecture, March*April 2003, Color, Shadows & Light

Fabric & Design:, August 2002

The American Institute of Architects, Design Matters

Architectural Record, Visions 2003

Fabric Architecture, July|August 2003, Substance & Illusion:

Dwell, September 2003, Modern Across America

The Architectural Review, March 2004, Cityscapes

Metropolitan Home, January/February 2004, Amazing Spaces

Architectural Record, 11|2003, Inside Los Angeles

The Architectural Review, February 2004, Edifying Education

International Style, Hasan-Uddin Khan, Taschen

The American Institute of Architects, Design Matters, Convention Guide

Fabric Architecture, March|April 2005, Shadowy Realms

Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden, January/February 2005, Glamour!

Dwell, July/August 2004, Breathatking 10 Vacation Homes

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Spring 2004, An Architectural Tour of the Greek Islands

Fabric Architecture, July|August 2004, Taking Care

Casas San Diego

Chicago 04

Architecture Minnesota, November-December 2003, Culture Havens

Architecture, October 2003, Contemplating Context

The Architectural Review, November 2003, Going Green

The Architectural Review, December 2003, Emerging Architecture

The Architectural Review, July 2001, House and Home

Architectural Record, 03|2003, Oasis for Art

Texas Architect, 9/10 2001, Design Awards 2001

The Architectural Review, January 2004, Mass

The Architectural Review, August 2003, Transparency

Arizona Highways, December 2003, three ways to visit the Grand Canyon

Metropolis, July 2002, Working with Smart Hands

Metropolis, May 2002, Inside Out

Wallpaper*, March 2003, International Fashion Preview

Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden, winter 2003, Winners

AIA, Modern Currents along the Tiber, Diane Ghirardo

The Progressive, July 2003, Squelching Dissent

Mother Jones, June 2003, Full Metal Racket

Phoenix Magazine, May 2002, Arizona’s Historic Inns

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Winter 2002, Beata Grants Translates the Women Writers of Imperial China

Wired, June 2003, Koolworld

Archaeology Southwest, Spring 2001, Archaeology, History, and Community: Tucson’s Rio Nuevo Project

Metropolitan Review, November/December 1989, Eliel Saarinen

Places, Winter 1994, Attentive Imagination

Places, Fall 1990

Promised Land

Brookings Review, Summer 2000, Reinventing the City

Mother Jones, February 2003, Lone Rider

Washington University Magazine and Alumni News Fall 1996, Martha Ozawa Finds America at a Crossroads

Mother Jones, December 2002, A Price on Every Drop

The Architectural Review, September 2003, Mixed Use

Arizona Highways, November 2000, Inside Indian Country

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego View, april/May/June 2003

Contemporary Arts Center Articles, Winter/Spring 1999

Canyon Records, Native American Music

Arizona Highways, October 2000, the Massive Mogollon Rim

Arizona Highways, September 2001, Thirst for Adventure

Protecting America: Global Strategies

ARchitectura, August 1993, Design for Transportation

AIA Perspective, January/February 2003, Berlin

Metropolis, August/September 2002, 21 Great Design Ideas for the 21st Century

The Progressive, September 2003, Gunpoint Democracy in Iraq

Mother Jones, July + August 2003, Goodbye New World Order

The Progressive, March 2003, Howard Zinn A Chorus Against War

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Winter 2003, Bridging Disciplines

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Fall 2003, Understanding Islam

U.S. News & World Report, August 11, 2003, The Dean Dilemma

Arizona Highways, May 2002, Hiking with Apache Guides

Wired, July 2003, The Countdown Begins

Utne, June 2003, Clear Your Head




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