Library entries from the room in Tucson 3rd Shelf

An Empire Wilderness, Robert D. Kaplan

Hail Babylon!, Andrei Codrescu

Plains Country Towns, John C. Hudson

There But for Fortune, Michael Schumacher

Naked, David Sedaris

The Best of the Nation

Weaving a Tapestry of Resistance, Sharon E. Sutton

Up In Mollie’s Room

Architecture 1998

Steve Martin, Pure Drivel

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, R. Buckminster Fuller

Between Hope and History, President Bill Clinton

A Time for Choices, Michael Toms

Prehistory of North America, Jesse D. Jennings

A History of Western Architecture, David Watkin

Maus, Art Spiegelman

The Hole in the Flag, Andrei Codrescu

Design of Enclosed Spaces, Piera Scuri


Changing Places, Richard Moe and Carter Wilkie

Picture This, Tipper Gore

Last of the Ultimate Bungalows

The National Center for Atmospheric Research: An Architectural Masterpiece

Le Corbusier

Approach 1989, Washington University

Volume Means 14, The University of Tennessee Journal of Architecture

How Buildings Learn, Stewart Brand

Between Two Towers, Vincent Scully

Contemporary Architectural Drawings

A Visitor’s Guide to One of the Finest Collections of American Art

The Chapel of St. Ignatius

A Guidebook to the Architecture of River Forest

The Art Institute of Chicago, The Essential Guide

Pocketguide to the Art Institute of Chicago

“Is Our Children Learning?”, Paul Begala

It’s the Stupidity, Stupid, Harry Shearer

Sam Reveles: Recent Paintings and Drawings

All Systems Go

Out in the Workplace, Richard A. Rasi and Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues

Shaker Woodenware, June Sprigg & Jim Johnson

Blue Highways, William Least Heat-Moon

New Directions in Latin American Architecture, Francisco Bullrich

Architecture in the United States, Dell Upton

A History of the Modern World, R.R. Palmer and Joel Colton



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