More Phoenix Library lists 6

Interior Design, October 2012, Market Tabloid

Trust Modern

This Is Smart Growth, Smart Growth Network

Snap, May/June 2012, Master Casters

Architectural Products, October 2009, Applied Green

Architect Sustainability, Fall 2009, Product Spec Guide

Architectural Lighting, May 2012, The Annual Product Issue

Illuminate, October 2009, Vera Wang

Architecture & Design, Wiley 2009

Taschen, Fall/Winter 2010

Design & Specification of ACM/MCM in Today’s Architecture

Architectural SSL, August 2009, The White Issue

Architectural SSL, May 2009, Earth vs. Light

Metalmag, September 2011, Radical Retail

High Performing Buildings, Summer 2011, Restoring Power

The Construction Specifier, August 2010, Protecting Metal Walls

Sources + Design, April/May 2011, Into the Great Wide Open

Sources + Design, May/June 2010, Arizona North Chapter ASID Design Awards

Sources + Design, November 2011, The New Office

Sources + Design, September 2011, AIA Utah’s Sustainable Design Awards

Sources + Design, June/July 2011, Transformers

Green Living Magazine, April 2012, Vampire Power

Green Living Magazine, June2012, The Greenest Race

Green Living Magazine, November 2011, Dr. Weil’s

Green Living Magazine, October 2011, the Connection Between Health and the Environment

Green Living Magazine, September 2011, You Can’t Judge a Building by It’s Cover

Green Living Magazine, June 2011, Architecture

Green Living Magazine, April 2011, Earth Month

Green Living Magazine, April 2012, Vampire Power

Green Living Magazine, February 2011, Giving Back

Green Living Magazine, January 2011, Deepak Chopra

Green Living Magazine, December 2010, Waste

Glass Magazine, February 2009, Money Makers

Glass Magazine, December 2008, From Glasstec

The Atlantic, March 2009, How the Crash Will Reshape America

Harpers, August 2005, None Dare Call It Stolen

Rolling Stone, May 14 2009, Bob Dylan’s America

Rolling Stone, September 30 2010, Back to ‘The Wall’

Rolling Stone, April 1 2010, The Last Days and Lost Music of Jimi Hendricks

Mother Jones, July + August 2005, No Safe Haven?

Mother Jones, November 2005, The Democrat Who Fought

Metalmag, May-June 2012, High Score

Metalmag, March-April 2012, Education Nation

Arizona Vines & Wines, winter 2010, Fran Lightly

Arizona Vines & Wines, winter 2009, Granite Creek Vineyards

Arizona Vines & Wines, June 2012, Canelo Hills Winery

Arizona Vines & Wines, Summer 2011, Oak Creek Vineeyards

Arizona Vines & Wines, Spring 2011, John McLoughlin

Politcs, 03.10, Consulting in Conflict Zones

Tucson Home, Fall 2009, Where Designers Dwell Home Tour

ASU, Carbon Neutrality Action Plan

Beer Advocate, Issue 50

National Parks, Fall 2009, On the Lookout

Arizona Highways, August 2009, Best of AZ 100

Arizona Highways, July 2009, Flagstaff

Making Sustainable Communities Happen, Growing Sustainable Communities

Architects Newspaper, 07, 08.17.2011

Learning by Design, Spring 2012, A Sense of Place

Worship Facilities Designer, Summer 2012, Downtown Connector

Spirit, June 2011, 40th Anniversary Special

Architectural Lighting, June 2012

Architectural Lighting, Sept/Oct 2012

Architectural Lighting, Nov/Dec 2012

Green Operation, Summer 2010, Sustainability 2030

Green Operation, Spring 2011, Hospitality

Green Operation, Fall 2012, Healthcare Design

Green Operation, Spring 2010, The Greening of Government

Green Operation, Winter 2010, Designers Define Greenwashing

Green Operation, Fall 2011, Green Building

Green Operation, Spring 2012, Hospitality’s

Worship Facilities Magazine, Mar/Apr 2011, Part of the Neighborhood

Worship Facilities Designer, Spring 2012, Retro Reinvention

Worship Facilities Designer, Preview

Worship Facilities Designer, Fall 2012, Artful Expansion

FM World, September 2011, Core Values

Form, November/December 2010, Designing for the Senses

Vanity Fair, May 2006, Special Green Issue

Valley Forward Association 30th Anniversary Awards

BIG Green Expo & Conference

Washington, June 2012, On the Lunar Landscape

Washington, June 2011, A Dig for the Ages

Washington, February 2011, Lifting Children Up

Washington, October 2010, Change on the Menu

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Spring 2010, Diabetes ‘Showdown’

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Summer 2010, A Transformation in Law

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Fall 2009, A Window into History

Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Winter 2009, Educational Outreach

Washington University in St. Louis Arts & Sciences, January 2006, University Responds to Hurricane Katrina

Architecture News, Summer 2006

Good, Rethinking Cities

City of Phoenix, Historic Preservation Commission and Office, Progress Report

AIA Arizona, 2010-2011 Firm Profile and Membership Directory

AIA Arizona, 2009-2010 Firm Profile and Membership Directory

ENR, October 2012, Raising the Bar

Architectural Record, 10|2008, Buildings Get Real

Architectural Record, 08|2011, Gehry Lights up Novartis in Basel

Architectural Record, 09|2011, The Death and Life of a Great American City

Architectural Record, 02|2011, Kraanspoor Rises on the Foundation of Holland’s Shipbuilding History

Architectural Record, 02|2012, Renovation Adaptation Addition

Architectural Record, 01|2012, Schools of the 21st Century

Arizona SBA, Small Business Resource

Arizona Residential Architects, ARA 3

The Lean Construction Pocket Guide, Dennis Sowards

Downtown Phoenix Journal, Anniversary Edition, All Access Pass

Downtown Phoenix Journal, Summer Bounty




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