Cawley Architects is a firm organized to provide excellence in design, providing innovative architectural design services using the design build approach to deliver projects on time and on budget. They are a specialized group of professionals, providing quality leadership that emphasizes a cost conscious approach to building design. They are committed to delivering innovative architectural design services through a Design Build approach.

Over 18 years, Cawley Architects has developed a successful design build method for designing and delivering commercial projects in the light industrial, office, and commercial arenas. This achievement is fundamentally due to the collaborative efforts of our clients and the design build team.

With unique award winning designs, innovative control procedures, and responsive professional architectural services, Cawley Architects designs the largest number of high quality medium-sized light industrial and office build-to-suit projects in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Design Build is a proven approach for solving development, design and construction challenges at the initial stages of a project. From concept to occupancy, they work with a seasoned team dedicated to accurate, timely and cost efficient services. They believe that collaborating with an experienced contractor and concentrating on total project delivery creates the highest level of services available in today’s market. They have successfully completed this process for more than 750 buildings.


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