Progressive Fourm Podcast Review

What I’m Thankful For

The Landmine Atrocity

Obama Administration’s Cynical Game with Honduras

On World AIDS Day, Obama Gets a Bad Grade

Obama Mimics Bush in Afghanistan Speech

Why Aren’t There Bigger Protests?

Beware Complacency on the Job Front

Extend Unemployment Benefits Now

Blame Bill Clinton for Recession’s Cruelty

Obama’s Oslo Cynicism

U.S. Indecent in Copenhagen

The Horrifying Rise of Military Suicides

Howard Dean Is Right

Homeland Security Spooks

Obama at Copenhagen

U.S. Double Standard in Honduras

Why the Senate Bill Won’t Cover 30 Million

Obama Chumped Progressives

Secret Detention sites in USA

Obama’s Pathetic Picks for Legal Services Corp.

Farewell, Dennis Brutus

Finally, a Court Limits Stun Gun Use

Obama Nods Toward Openness

Bravo to the Gaza Protesters

Happy New Year!

The Colonel vs. the Library of Congress

Obama Has Himself to Blame for Falling Poll Numbers

Finally, the Bankers Testify

Heartbreaking in Haiti

Obama’s Response to Haiti

Dr. King Casts a Shadow over Barack Obama

Exxon Strikes It Rich in Iraq

Obama Should Fire Rahm Emanuel Today!

Obama Making Health Care Bill Worse

Amend the Constitution to overturn Supreme Court Ruling

Obama Wrong on Indefinite Detention

An Appreciation of Howard Zinn

Obama Bunts in State of the Union

Impunity for John Yoo and Jay Bybee

Praise for Obama on “Don’t Ask,  Don’t Tell”

Franken Right to Rip Axelrod

Sarah Palin, as Unprincipled as They Come

No Rights, Just “Provisional Privileges,” as George Carlin Said.

Harry Reid Must Go

Disgusted with the Times Coverage of Afghanistan

Would Hillary Have Been Better?

Obama Goes Down Dangerous Path with Nuclear Power

The Threat of Fascist Violence Hangs in the Air

Obama Finally Awakens to Reconciliation Process

Obama’s health care amalgam

Morbid Milestone in Afghanistan

Robert Gates Deserves Orwell Award this year.

Hurray for Chris Dodd!

Dems Cave on Patriot Act

Republicans Show Their Colors on Unemployment Benefits

Pentagon Domestic Spying Files Burst Open

Me and My Prius

Obama Sideswipes Single-Payer

Hillary Clinton Shameless in Honduras

Academy Awards Almost Shorn of All Politics

Muslim Americans Still Getting Raw Deal

Biden Right on Israel

$15 Billion Jobs Bill Is Short by a Factor of 30!

Banks Will Still Skate Free Under Dodd’s Bill

A New Low for Law Enforcement

At the Madison Tea Party

Obama on Wall Street

Obama Should Stop Stoking Irrational Fears About the Deficit

Calling Obama Out on Summary Execution

BP Oil Spill: A Cautionary Tale.

Sarah Palin’s No Second Thoughts on Big Oil

Michael Lerner’s Home Vandalized by His Critics

Judge in Prayer Decision Gets Pile of Hate Mail

Hats Off to “Los Sons”

Lieberman’s Extrajudicial Bill


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