Moving Phoenix Library list 6

dwell; Live/Work; November 2010

Los Angeles; L.A. Home Design; March 2011

Building Design + Construction; 28th Annual Reconstruction Awards; 11.11

Architect; The Solar Decathlon Starts Getting Real; November 2011

Architectural Record; Design Vanguard 2011; 12|2011

Metalmag; Walk This Way; Nov.Dec 2011

Ranking Arizona; 15 1997 * 2012; 2012

Architectural Record; Building for Social Change; 03|2012

Architect; Annual Design Review; December 2011

Lightfair; 2012

Metropolis; X Factor; February 2012

Architect; 59th Annual Progressive Architecture Awards; February 2012

Architect’s Newspaper; The West; 01; 02.22.2012

AZ|RE; 2012 Outlook: CRE Position Itself For a Comeback; March-April 2012

Building Design + Construction; Fusion Facilities: When One Building Is Better Than Two; February 2012

Washington; Outline for a Bright Energy Future; February 2012

Architecture Landscaping Design & Construction; Wiley

Interior Design; mesmerizing; February 2012

Metalmag; The Office; Jan.Feb 2012

ed+c; Celebrating 15 Years of the road less traveled; February 2012

Building Design + Construction; Healthcare Report 2012; March 2012

Architect; A Peter Busby Portfolio; March 2012

ed+c; Seeing the Light; March 2012

Metropolis; The Product Issue; March 2012

dwell; Light & Energy; April 2012

Interior Design; all the right moves; January 2012

Architect; What’s Next: The Office, Ideas to Improve Your Workplace; January 2012

ed+c; Schoolhouse that Rocks; November 2011

Learning By Design; Smart Spaces; Fall 2011

Metalmag; Cure All; October 2011

AZ|RE; 2011-2012 People to Know

Glass magazine; Future glazing; May 2009

High Performing Buildings; Completing the Circle; Fall 2011

gb&d; what’s cooking?; April 2011

Architectural Record; Record Interiors 2011; 10|2011


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