Moving Phoenix Library list 10

Designer; Satellite Site Selection and Shape Shifting; Jan/Feb 2014

Green Operations; Carpet Recycling: trash to treasure; Summer 2012

A Clean City: The Green Construction Story; Robyn C. Friend and Judith Love Cohen

Architectural Lighting; The Annual Product Issue; Mar/Apr 2013

Green Operations; Hospitality dos and don’ts; Spring 2013

Learning By Design; Designed to Thrive; Spring 2013

The West Select: 2012 Collector’s Handbook

The West Architect’s Newspaper; 10; 11.28.2012

AZ|RE; 2013 People To Know

AZ|RE; Rising to the Top; May – June 2013

Architecture + Design LA; Michael Webb

green living Magazine; Message in a Bottle; March 2012

St. Louis: Landmarks & Historic Districts; Carolyn Hewes Toft with Lynn Josse

Field Guide to Downtown Phoenix Parks; Kirby Hoyt

A Guide to the Architecture of Metro Phoenix; Central Arizona Chapter, American Institute of Architects

Green Operations; 50 Shades of Green; Fall 2012

High Roads; Take A Second Look at Santa Barbara; AAA

Metalmag; The Leading Edge; Summer 2013

EDC; 6.13

Designer; Night Light: Southland Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky; Summer 2013

EcoHome; Performance Art; Summer 2013

Washington; Committed to the World; June 2013

Designer; LEEDing Ladies; Spring 2013

Architect; Infrastructure of Hope; April 2013

dwell; The Now 99; May 2013

Energy Efficiency on an Urban Scale; ASU

Energize Phoenix: Energy Efficiency on an Urban Scale; ASU

AZ|RE; Interior Motives; July-August 2013

dwell; The Interior Design Issue; June 2012

dwell On Design; 2012

Architectural Record; Record Houses 2012; 04|2012

Building Design + Construction; 15th Annual Building Team Awards; May 2012

Architect; The New Barnes; April 2012

Green Operations; Glass Flooring; Winter 2012

Boston Architecture; The Boston Society of Architects

Building Design + Construction; 29th Annual Reconstruction Awards; October 2012

EDC; 10.12

Washington; Together, We Make a Positive Impact on Society; October 2012

Architect; Days of Future Systems Past; September 2012

Interior Design; authentic new york; September 2012

Phoenix; Az’s 50 Best Restaurants; January 2014

Designer; Celebrating Community Faith Space; Winter 2013

EcoStructure; A Public Broadcast of High Performance; Fall 2013

edc; 8.13

edc; 7.13

Wilderness Society 2014 Calendar

Architectural Lighting; Sept/Oct 2013

Metalmag; Home Run in Birmingham; Fall 2013

AZ|RE; New Point of View; November-December 2013

High Roads; Brake Out the Classics, Cruising Arizona’s Car Clubs; September/October 2013

Architectural Lighting; July/August 2013

Architect; The New Rijks Museum; May 2013

U.S. Capitol Historical Society; 2014

edc; 5.13

Washington University in St. Louis; Eyeing Politics; Winter 2008

Davis; passionately committed to enriching the human experience

fabric Architecture; Materials World; July/August 2009

Desert Living; Seeing Double; July/August 2009

modernism; Whimsy in Germany; Spring 2009

High Performing Buildings; Canada’s Green Prototype; Spring 2009

Architectural Lighting; Emerging Practices; Nov/Dec 2013

High Roads; Celebrate in the City, See New York all Decked Out; November/December 2013

edc; 11.13

edc; 9.13

Washington; Two Strong; October 2013

edc; 10.13

Building Design + Construction; Enhancing Campus Life; January 2013


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