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Peter Newton Edit

Independent Community Development Entrepreneur  (602) 332 3517  Phoenix, AZ

Work Experience

Tiny Prints Production Designer


Oct 2013
6 months

Architectural Designer III

Independent Services

Sep 2009
4 years, 7 months
Networked at business round tables, Chambers of Commerce and professional associations, to develop strategic allegiances for civic initiatives and entrepreneurial projects. • Documented existing conditions for separate renovation projects for LuPe Designs and Herb Hacker, AIA.• Researched how to create a new architecture partnership, Fourward Architecture. • Canvassed door to door (sales) and consulted for multiple campaigns

Field Organizer

Arizona Democratic Party

Jan 2003
Nov 2012
9 years, 10 months
* Canvassed door to door to register voters and get out the vote for 2010 campaign.* Field Organized Democrats in Arizona’s Legislative District 5 during 2004 Campaign.* Organized, trained and collected signatures for Democratic Candidates for public office and Precinct Committeemen* Organized & wrote the By-Laws for the White Mountain Democratic Club * Mediated a dispute between the Northern Gila County & Miami-Globe Democratic Clubs

Lead Generation and Territorial Sales Manager

Romanoski Glass and Mirror

Feb 2011
Jul 2011
5 months
Directed lead generation and sales across the Southwest. Demonstrated the Major Industries product line at professional society meetings and conferences, and delivered lunch and learn presentations about innovations in day-lighting.

NRFU Enumerator

US Census Bureau

Jun 2010
Jun 2010
1 month
* Located listed addresses in the Assignment Area.* Conducted interviews to determine the status of each address on Census Day.* Recorded the information provided by the respondent.

Architectural Job Captain

Jacobs Engineering

Sep 2007
Aug 2009
2 years
Conducted facility conditions assessments to determine maintenance and renovation schedules for the US Air Force in Texas and South Carolina. Received a commendation letter from CVS/pharmacy for thoroughness in facilities assessment and surveys of acquired stores.

Architectural Project Manager II

Cawley Architects

Apr 2005
Sep 2007
2 years, 5 months
Worked closely with consultants to design and construct turnkey commercial, warehouse and retail projects, and the firm’s only 5 story steel structure, a Class A office building with a signature cantilevered, radial curtain wall and a parapet sunscreen.

Field Canvasser

America Coming Together

Sep 2004
Oct 2004
2 months
* Phoned targeted voters.* Canvassed targeted voters micro-targeted to get out the vote.* Conducted interviews and recorded provided information.

Deputy Campaign Director

Dean For America

Feb 2003
Mar 2004
1 year, 2 months
* Volunteered on the Southern Arizona Coordination Committee, organizing fundraisers & speaking for the campaign at events.* Coordinated campaign canvas walks, phone banks, events and Presidential Preference Primary day canvasing.* Organized bus trips to campaign events.* Coordinated volunteers & campaign staff coming to Arizona.* Organized the largest political rally in Pima County to that point.

Architectural Designer I

Rob Paulus Architect

Feb 2003
Jun 2003
4 months
Designed and developed construction documents for residential, commercial and urban redevelopment projects, including mechanical and electrical designs.

Architect In Training

Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

Sep 2000
Aug 2002
2 years
* Programmed, space planned, designed and documented projects for public and private universities throughout Texas. * Coordinated CAD files, layering, & pen weights between consultants to develop CAD standards for review and Coordination.* Assessed & surveyed existing conditions.* Contract Administered projects under construction.* Obtained and assembled data from product representatives to complete architectural designs

Architectural Intern II

The Mathes Group

Apr 1999
Jun 2000
1 year, 2 months
Now Mathes Brierre Architects* Managed the space planning, design, contract documents and close out procedures for the Bellsouth collocation program, reducing response time from 3 weeks to 3 hours, through improving technology and facility data. * Documented and scanned important projects from the firms extensive portfolio in order to design project winning marketing proposals, site-selection seminar hand outs and compose entry boards for state AIA awards programs.* Developed procedures to translate and convert CAD files from associated firms to meet our CAD standards.* Site surveyed buildings & parking facilities for renovation, developing 3-d models for design study.* Created 3-D CAD models to base renderings for a competition entry.

Residential Designer

Olde New Orleans Design Group

Oct 1998
Mar 1999
6 months
* Designed lighting, electrical and framing layouts. * Documented and designed single family “Southern Style” custom design-build homes. * Developed and maintained marketing materials and CAD Library.* Researched & Developed rigid metal frame residential construction prototypes for the harsh Gulf Coast environment.* Designed model homes for a subdivision.

Architectural Intern I

Christner Inc.

Sep 1996
Jun 1998
1 year, 10 months
* Developed construction documents, space plans, material and finish schedules and colored pencil renderings. * Created a Continuing Education program involving Architectural tours, lectures, and videos. * Established CAD standards, reviewing Softdesk 8. * Made bluelines. * Constructed CAD models as a base for hand renderings.


Phoenix College


Sustainability, Revit

Training to You


Project Management, Microsoft Office

AIA Continuing Education



Phoenix Workforce Connection


Innovation & Job Skills

Washington University in St. Louis


Architecture, Art & Architectural History, Anthropology, Archeology, Fine Arts

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Summer Elective Coureses

Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences


Piadeia Philosophy

Carnegie Mellon University




AutoCAD ( 1 year )
Proficient in Microsoft Office ( 1 year )
Hand Drawing ( 6 years )
Architectural Design ( 1 year )
Photoshop ( 6 years )
Pagemaker ( 6 years )
Leadership ( 6 years )
Organizational Leadership ( 6 years )
Microsoft Project ( 4 years )
Networking ( 1 year )
Surveying ( 1 year )
Graphic Design ( 1 year )
Event Planning ( 1 year )
Community Relations ( 7 years )
Code Compliance ( 1 year )
Development of Training Materials ( 5 years )
Marketing Strategy ( 5 years )
Volunteer Management ( 6 years )
Productivity Enhancement ( 1 year )
Account Management ( 6 years )
Construction Management ( 1 year )
Client Relationship Building ( 3 years )
Canvassing ( 8 years )
Project Planning ( 7 years )
Project Coordination ( 1 year )
Project Execution ( 1 year )
Business Travel ( 5 years )
Interviewing ( 1 year )
Market Research ( 5 years )
Presentation Development ( 1 year )
Sales Presentations ( 3 years )
Group Presentations ( 4 years )
New Business Development ( 4 years )
Social Networking ( 5 years )
Training & Development ( 7 years )
Trade Show Representation ( 2 years )
Conference Coordination ( 5 years )
Photography ( 2 years )
Public Speaking ( less than a year )
Team Building ( less than a year )
Architectural Drafting ( less than a year )
Community Engagement ( less than a year )
Sustainable Design ( less than a year )
Renovation ( less than a year )
Master Planning ( less than a year )
Leadership Mentoring ( less than a year )
Project Management ( less than a year )
Innovation ( less than a year )
Political Consulting ( less than a year )
LinkedIn ( less than a year )

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